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29. August 2012 · 6 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , , ,
any tips? Ive dyed my hair a really dark auburn red and I'm looking to go back to my natural blonde haircolor (which is very light)

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    1. i suggest u to visit [external link] using answers.yahoo.com

    2. Ok first off you cant do this on your own. You need to go to a salon to get it done, colouring to this extent is not to be done in a home kit. The colour will need to be stripped and lightened, with different pigments put in. You need knowledge on this for a decent result.

    3. i had very light blonde hair (my natural hair colour) i dyed it black, STUPID MISTAKE :

    4. Hi! My name is Julie and I work for Pantene. Our company also produces Clairol Hair Colourants. It is very difficult to remove dark shades with home colourants. If you wish to return your current hair colour to a light blonde shade, the best way to get it done is by going to a salon. The professional hairdresser will be able to use “specialist” products to remove the darker colour. Following this the appropriate light blonde toner will be applied and developed to the required shade in order to match your natural hair colour and get an even result. If you really cannot go to a salon, you could try and go back to your natural hair colour by using a pre-lightener followed by a toner. When choosing a toner, I recommend you look for a shade that is the closest to your natural hair colour, preferably one that contains ash tones. Before applying the pre-lightener, it is really important that you perform a strand test on both areas – roots and previously dyed hair – to see if you get a good result. Time it as you will have to leave it on these areas for different periods of time. Hope this helpsJulieIf you have more questions, feel free to get in touch on Twitter @PanteneUK

    5. ..but im back blonde, but i spent 3 months being bright ginger, i was practically illuminoius orange, it was awful! i dyed it god knows how many times.. i still have the slightest hint of ginger now and its been dyed professional 5 times and non professional twice, gotta let ir grow out i guess.. good luck :D

    6. you could bleach your hair :/

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