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okay I'm having a major dellima and I want to bleach my hair by tomorrow morning, I'm NOT going to the salon, I've already bought an expensive bleach kit that did not work(due to black hair) we have no bleach in our house and its night time so I can't use lemons will the finger nail polish eat my hair or will it bleach it?

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    1. no but you can make it dry and tangled

    2. Please be careful buying the developer and bleach yourself, as some people have suggested here. When you don’t really know how it all works, you can destroy your hair very easily. At best, you will probably get it brassy blonde. At worst, you will end up with gummy hair that is breaking off.Basically, if you need them by tomorrow morning…you are out of luck. Nothing you have at home will lighten your hair that much.

    3. No it won’t do anything except for dry it out. Nail polish remover is used to dissolve the glue in some hair extensions… defenitely won’t bleach your hair… sorry.Black is a tough colour to work with when you want to dye your hair because it’s difficul tto get out. Bleaching kits are normally not too good for this… my suggestion (without having to go to a salon) is to buy a bottle of 30 or 40 Vol and some bleach powder (Hi-Lift blue based is pretty good, don’t know if you can get it in the US, but I use it here in Australia and it’s fantastic).Mix these at approx 50% each (you should get a nice paste… don’t be stingy with your bleaching powder because a no name brand one with definitely NOT do the job) and apply to your hair for no more than 20 mins. Your hair may only go caramel though, so you will probably need to bleach it twice, depending on what colour you want. It’s better to bleach twice than leave the first lot in for too long… your hair might break off if you do that!Good luck, dear!

    4. Unfortunately it only works on fingernail polish, it is acetone, and only used for nail polish or paint. Bleach for clothes is another issue as it only works on clothes NOT HAIR! HAIR BLEACH IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL WORK ON HAIR. Peroxide (called developer for hair) comes in different percentages.0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, using home, for cuts, peroxide will do nothing for black hair. Lemon juice does eat the hair as it is a very high acid.

    5. dont do it i ended up doing that once to have some low lights [tips]for school pictures and it runied my hair i had ended up having to cut off my hair where i put it on.the smell doesnt go away eighter and it make your hair dry and your scalp itchy.and if you have it in to long it gives u a scalp infection

    6. Peroxide is basically bleach. Do you have any of that?

    7. You can use lemons by themselves but don’t use acetone, it is not going to bleach your hair if you insist on doing it tonight try either lemons or peroxide. Hope it works out for you.

    8. It wont bleach it trhere is no peoxide in nail polish remover.I dont recomend it.not a smart plan

    9. Why would you even come up with this idea? Buy another HAIR bleaching kit. Nail polish remover is called ‘nail polish remover’ for a reason!

    10. no cuz nail polish remover removes non-natral colors like for nail polish i would use lemon juice and put in on your hair and stay in the sun for 2 hours or just get in done

    11. I heard that Diet Coke works.. Make sure it’s diet. You could also try anti~residue shampoos, anti~dandruff shampoos, hair colour removers (they only work on hair that has been dyed, though), dishawasher soap, and plenty of other things. You could also try light hair dyes. Report Abuse

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