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The only way you can remove a permanent hair color is by using bleach. However to lighten you can use baking soda mixed with dish detergent to wash your hair in. This will help remove a buildup of the color.

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  • What is the fastest way to fade hair dye color? - i dyed my hair and it came out a little to dark.if i fade it some i think it would look decenti dont want to dye it again a lighter colorwhat is the fastes way to fade your hair color without using store bought chemicals to remove the dye?i heard that dish detergent, dandruff shampoos,
  • What removes built up hair spray in your hair? - my hairdresser, who is very talented, told me to wash my hair with Dawn dish soap about 1 time a month, or if I didnt like that mix some baking soda,such as arm hammer, in with my shampoo and use that a few times a month. It works I swear. It will also help to
  • Is there any thing natural or around the house that will make my hair softer? - You can condition your hair with mayo, cover it with a shower cap while you shower, then wash it out. If you want to remove hairspray or any buildup then ad a teaspoon of baking soda to it. Wash it out after at least 20 minutes or up to an hour after you apply it. User
  • I heard that baking soda gets the buildup out of hair.. but mine is dyed bright red. will it remove color? - i dont want my hair color to be lighter, or removed one bit. but i want to get the buildup and hairspray and stuff out of it. it’s bright red, not like orange-ish red.can i use baking soda on it? how would i go about doing it?thanks;) User tags:2013 home remedy to lighten hair color disasteris
  • Is this true? mix baking soda with shampoo and it removes hairdye? - is it true that baking soda mixed with shampoo will remove/fad hair dye more quicky? 10 best answer. thankyou User tags:2013 home remedy to lighten hair color disasteris there a home remedy for hair that is dyed to dark to lighten it up somehome remedy to lighten armpit use baking sodaHome remedies to lighten very dark
  • If you put black hair die in your hair can you use lemon an bakingsoda to get it out ? - I’ve never heard of using baking soda to remove any hair dye. All I know is that black hair dye cannot be removed by any other means than bleaching-and it should only be attempted by a pro. First, they must lighten or lift your haircolor to a lighter shade, which will be damaging. Then, they
  • How can I lighten freshly colored hair using detergents? - The dye I used was medium brown , but it turned out really dark ( almost black) How do I lighten it again using a household product? I have laundry detergent here as well as lemon scented dish soap . User tags:2013 home remedy to lighten hair color disasteris there a home remedy for hair that

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    1. use toothpase

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