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How are the genitals turned into a vagina? I'd appreciate any sites for reference. Thanks.

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    1. Basically, transition from male to female takes place in stages over a period of 2 to 3 years. Doctors who do these procedures generally require that you go through the stages in order to ensure that you are doing the right thing.1. Find a primary caregiver. A psychotherapist that will assess your situation and diagnose you as suffering from gender dysphoria. Female hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone) will be prescribed, typically in combination with an Anti-Androgen (male hormone suppressant), which will cause you to develop female characteristics such as softer skin, breasts, wider hips, etc over a long period. Certain aspects such as skeletal structure, voice and body-hair do not change, and require additional procedures/therapy.2. Therapy and training. This is where you learn how to be a woman. Therapy includes procedures like electrolysis to remove hair; voice coaching to feminise the the voice; grooming, makeup and style coaching; Occupational therapy to develop more feminine mannerisms, etc. Typically you’ll also start living part-time as a woman during this period, mostly to build confidence in your new role.3. Living Full-Time/The Real-Life Test. This is a requirement of the guidelines the medical community follows. Basically you have to live and work full time for a minimum of 6 months in your chosen gender. They want to make extra sure that you can function and cope in the new role before giving permission for surgery.4. SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) For a male, a process known as a penile inversion (vaginoplast) is done, where the penis is basically turned inside out to form a vaginal opening. An additional procedure known as labiaplasty is done to form the outer labia.5. Additional procedures such as Facial Feminisation Surgery and Breast Augmentation are also typical, but the four stages listed are common to all transitions.There are hundreds of resource sites out there, you just need to search a bit. Mostly the best sites are diaries kept by people who have themselves transitioned. I’m not gonna list those here, because we have quite a few meanies floating around in this forum, but if you start at wikipedia and just follow the links, you’ll find more information than you know what to do with. [external link]

    2. trans-sexual operation folled by hormone pills to maitain it. the penis is cut, remove the underlying structures inside, the will make a slit at the middle which will resemble the vaginal opening.

    3. this is a three stage or more process, usually takes 2-3 years, I know that step 1 is that you have to live as a woman for a year and be taking hormone therapy. That’s just the beginning

    4. be reincarnated into one.

    5. google transsex surgery and im sure you will discover a plethora of info on how Dr Frankenfrique can chop off your willy and use the the remaining folds of skin and sew you a nice little vagina with it.

    6. A man cannot completely be changed into a woman.

    7. they turn his dick inside out and stuff it up inside his body

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