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15. March 2013 · 4 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , ,
i really want to get hair extensions for a present this christmas.i dont know weather to get the clip in ones (they are real hair clip in ones) that are like $150 or to get them professionally put it my hair? how much does that cost? what is your opinion? im 13 years oldd :) (idk if my mom will let me get the real ones put in) thanks! please answer!

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    1. Hair extension cost around $100-$200 dollars Pretty sure they said they were actual human hair. Glue hair extension will wreck your hair and sewn in wefts hair extensions is not much better. And I would highly recommend using clip in hair extensions. Clip in extensions are better. They cost less and last a lot longer. I have had both and glue in which is like a waste of my money because they didn’t really last long. But right now I have clip in and I have had them for about a year and they still look brand new! So by buying clip in ones, you will be saving a lot of money. Plus, glue in ones hurt. If you are looking to buy some clip in hair extensions, many famous hair salon offers all types of hair extensions at affordable prices.

    2. i get mine from two websites hair trade and additional lengths and i’l never stop buying from them. mine r clip in because i would never have them glued in my hair as it totali f*ks it up and wen you have to take them out in the end, they can actually cause bold patches in your hair! n they cost me around 60 quid.

    3. Haha, you’re 13? I’m jealous that you even get the option. You should buy the clip on ones, because you can remove and reattach them yourself as you wish.To get it professionally done you have to revisit to remove and revisit to reattach.It’s also a lot more affordable, for good extensions at the salon, you may have to pay anywhere from 500-1500.Milani and Hair-do sell great extensions, with a great selection of colors and styles.

    4. Hello :) Buyhair and Hairextensions clip in sets are perfect for adding length and volume.Available in 100% human hair – This means you can heat style the hair as you would your own.Why not take a look at the range we have? [external link] can send any questions you have about hair extensions into sales@buyhair.co.uk – Someone will respond very soon to your hair questions.Hope this helpsHairextensions 3*

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